LEADER 2014-2020

The Louth Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) is the Local Action Group (LAG) with ultimate responsibility for the delivery, implementation and finances of the LEADER programme in County Louth.

The LEADER elements of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 will provide €6,101,862 over the lifetime of the programme to support the sustainable development of County Louth.

Louth Leader Partnership, a partner on the LCDC will be the Implementing Partner with responsibility for implementing actions in the county on behalf of the Local Action Group (LCDC).

The Louth Local Community Development Committee objectives over the next 5 years is to distribute grants to local businesses, farmers and community organisations to help support activities that foster social inclusion, generate jobs, grow our local rural economy and maximise the potential of environmental actions to contribute to the sustainable development of rural communities.

Louth Leader Partnership on behalf of the Louth LCDC will soon be seeking expressions of interest that will help us to achieve these objectives.

To find out more information regarding LEADER visit www.countylouthleader.com



LEADER 2014-2020

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