The Genesis Programme

The Genesis Programme is a consortium of almost fifty Partner Organisations that is delivering the Incredible Years® suite of programmes and other evidence-informed interventions to children, families and communities in Dundalk and Drogheda in County Louth as part of the Area Based Childhood (ABC) Programme.

The ABC Programme is a cross-departmental initiative and is co-funded by the Irish Government through the Department of Children & Youth Affairs and the Atlantic Philanthropies. It is jointly managed by the Centre for Effective Services (CES) and Pobal.

The ABC Programme targets investment in evidence-informed interventions to improve the long-term outcomes for children and families living in areas of disadvantage.

It aims to break “the cycle of child poverty within areas where it is most deeply entrenched and where children are most disadvantaged, through integrated and effective services and interventions” in the following areas: child development, child well-being, parenting and educational disadvantage.

In line with the Government’s commitment to draw on best international practice and existing services to tackle aspects of child poverty, the ABC Programme focuses on the implementation of interventions and approaches that have been found to significantly improve child outcomes in an Irish setting. These interventions and approaches within the target areas should also be integrated with mainstream services such as health and education.

The Partner Organisations of The Genesis Programme are made up of Early Years Settings, Schools, Community Groups, Louth Children’s & Young People’s Services Committee,  Louth County Childcare Committee, Dundalk Institute of Technology, National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS), Educational Disadvantage Centre at St. Patrick’s College, Irish Primary Principals’ Network (IPPN) as well as a range of departments within the Health Service Executive (HSE) and Tusla – the Child & Family Agency.

Louth Leader Partnership is the lead agency.

The Vision of The Genesis Programme is to measurably improve the well-being and developmental outcomes for children aged pre-birth to 6 years in the targeted areas by implementing the Incredible Years® suite of programmes with fidelity using an agreed area based approach.

The well-being and development outcomes referred to are across the following areas:

  • Child Health and Development
  • Parenting
  • Children’s Learning
  • Integrated Service Delivery
  • Mainstream Delivery

In order to achieve these outcomes the work will focus on the following six key objectives:

  1. That all relevant agencies work collaboratively to agree and implement an area based approach to deliver the Incredible Years® suite of programmes for children aged pre-birth to six years of age
  2. That those delivering the programmes are trained and coached ensuring fidelity and standards are met
  3. That a Parent Forum is developed to act as a consultative body to inform policy and practice
  4. To work collaboratively with Dundalk Institute of Technology to develop modules that support The Genesis Programme Implementation Plan as part of relevant degree courses
  5. To work collaboratively with the North East Infant Mental Health Network and others to develop an Infant Mental Health Strategy for Co. Louth
  6. That the project collaborates with Louth Children’s & Young People’s Services Committee to embed programmes in service delivery across all relevant agencies

For more information on The Genesis Programme please contact Hugh Doogan, Programme Manager

T: 041 – 984 3333



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Genesis Programme

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